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Personal Injury.
Workers Comp.
Family Law.

“When you call The Fischer Law Firm, you will talk to an attorney right away who is ready and eager to handle your case.”

-Lynn A. Fischer, Attorney at Law

Practice Areas

Personal Injury

If you have been injured due to the negligence of another, you deserve to be compensated.  Whether you have been in a car accident or suffered an injury from another type of accident, our injury lawyers are here to help.

Family Law

We handle all family law matters including custody disputes, alimony, and divorce. If you are navigating a challenging family matter and need proficient legal assistance, contact the attorneys of The Fischer Law Firm today.

Workers Comp

Your employer has a legal responsibility to pay for lost wages and medical bills if you have been injured on the job. At The Fischer Law Firm, we make sure that your rights are fully upheld.

About Us

Watch our television commercial to learn more about our law firm. Attorney Lynn Fischer and her daughter, attorney Chelsea Brosemer, work together to fight for their clients. Chelsea grew up watching her mother’s dedication and commitment to her clients and saw how important it is to fight for those who need help. Lynn and Chelsea are devoted to their clients and work hard to help their clients get what they deserve.

The Fischer Law Firm – A St. Louis Law Firm

Why choose us?


Getting you the results you deserve takes skill, experience, and resources. We will do what it takes to pursue justice in the legal system together.

Personal Service

You can trust that you will meet with the attorney who will handle your case with the utmost respect and professionalism.

We Care

Your side of the story matters. Understanding the legal aspects of your case and exploring the various options for you is what we do best.

You won’t find another law firm who will fight harder for you.


  • Oh my without a doubt this is the best law firm I have ever seen!! I recently had the privilege to meet Chelsea on a matter for my mom who is elderly and struggles with walking. As soon as I brought that up Chelsea said I will meet her in the parking lot. And she did I was blown away and couldn't believe it. Her concern was all about my mom. She Genuinely cared thank you Chelsea

    ACE6583 rob Avatar ACE6583 rob

    Ms.Fischer is a very dedicated and professional Lady. Who doesn't stop until she gets the job done. For an amazing, hard working lawyer who is on your side go with Ms.Lynn Fischer.

    Al Burks Avatar Al Burks

    The Fischer Law Firm was exceptionally quick and efficient in resolving my speeding ticket! I would recommend them to everyone who needs similar type of help that I did! The entire firm is hard-working and caring for their customers with excellent service and great correspondence!

    Kellen Schlundt Avatar Kellen Schlundt
  • Attorney Fischer assisted me with frank, accurate and personalized help. She could have taken complete advantage of me and my situation as I was like a fish out of water--I, had no clue of how things worked. Instead, I was blessed to obtain help from an attorney with integrity and compassion. For these reasons and so many more, I am thankful and grateful that I reached out to Attorney Fischer!

    TT YY Avatar TT YY

    The best lawyer I've ever came across. She's patient, answer all questions you may have, and don't have have any problem explaining things you may not understand. Been dealing with Ms. Fischer for about 13yrs now. Great lady😊

    A tube Avatar A tube

    I hired Ms. Fischer as my divorce attorney. At first she was lil skeptical with my divorce case. She been on my side through the whole ordeal. We went to court today and it was the grace of God was on her side and the opposite attorney walk off from courtroom. Ms. Fischer and I was in shocked mode😳😳😳. But I had to say Thank You Ms. Fischer for being the best attorney in St. Louis

    Tamara Holmes Avatar Tamara Holmes
  • Lynn jumped on my case the first day she agreed to take it, she worked tirelessly on my case and had great news for me in just 7 days. I couldn't ask for a better attorney or a better result !

    Gene Hoffmann Avatar Gene Hoffmann

    If it were possible to give 10 stars I would! The Fischer Law Firm is very dedicated, knowledgeable and professional while attending to their clients needs. Their constant communication was critical throughout the process and their service is second to none. They went above beyond to achieve results we needed.

    Jon Schulte Avatar Jon Schulte

    Fischer Law Firm is wonderful! I would highly recommend. I have enlisted their services twice and have been exceptionally pleased both times. Everyone is very patient and professional. I will absolutely use them again if I need to.

    Sarah Walker Avatar Sarah Walker
  • I have been using Lynn Fischer as my lawyer for 18 years and she is absolutely amazing. She has gotten a lot of business from me over the years especially tickets because I have a lead foot and I haven't got not 1 point on my license. Also I've to to use her cause when I get new cars unfortunately everyone wants to hit me a total out my cars. Lynn helps every step of the way and makes sure you constantly know what is going on with your case. Plus she has some pretty amazing office staff. If you're looking for a lawyer call up Lynn Fischer her prices are more then fare, she does an amazing job and never takes advantage.

    Jamie Smith Avatar Jamie Smith

    The moment I first interacted with Chelsea at The Fischer Law firm I knew I had chosen the right firm. From the energy of Chelsea and her staff, to the promptness and thoroughness of how my case was handled, every step of the way I was impressed. I highly recommend The Fischer Law Firm!!

    Cj Savas Avatar Cj Savas

    Mrs.Fischer was amazing … Very easy to work with, very professional, and continued to give constant updates. Would definitely recommend to a friend and whoever reading!

    Exoticboy Sb Avatar Exoticboy Sb
  • I have been using Fisher Law about 10 years now. Nothing but great things to say. I have been through 2 divorces and wish I would have used her for the 1st wife that was doing most of my neighbors. Apparantly she was doing my lawyer also, based on the outcome and my alimony payments.

    Francis Smith Avatar Francis Smith

    All staff I have dealt with are very friendly and nice. Always available to answer questions or very quick to call you back. Thank you for handling my case.

    Dawn Kell Avatar Dawn Kell

    I must say This is the best lawer I ever had and she will GET THE JOB DONE...THANKS FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME.....DELFINE

    Positive VIBES WITH ALL PEOPLE Bell Avatar Positive VIBES WITH ALL PEOPLE Bell
  • I am an attorney, and hired Lynn Fischer to represent me. She is absolutely amazing!!!! Her attention to detail and personalized service is unparalleled. I felt supported through the entire process and was confident my case was in good hands. Most importantly, I couldn't be more satisfied with the outcome!!!! Thanks, Lynn

    Brett Cofman Avatar Brett Cofman

    I highly recommend Chelsea for a wonderful job she has done. I feel grateful that I found Fischer Law Firm to lead and direct me during my cases. She was very professional, fast on responding to all my questions and knowledgeable.

    Jeremiah Hathorn Avatar Jeremiah Hathorn

    I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with the Fischer law firm on a couple occasions and have been extremely impressed and pleased with the amount of dedication,professionalism and just thoughtful caring that I have received… I would be proud to recommend the Fischer law firm to everyone.. plus without meaning any disrespect Miss Fischer is very easy to look at… all around a great experience.

    Terry Hill Avatar Terry Hill
  • Lynn was awesomeeee !!!! I didn’t think I would find anyone to help me, but my uncle gave me Fischer Law Firm number & they instantly started helping me! Of course it’s a process so you do have to be patient 😊

    Elisha Bishop Avatar Elisha Bishop

    Great attorney and legal services

    Taylor Bey Avatar Taylor Bey

    I’ve had great experiences with Chelsea and the firm; super professional, efficient, and reliable. Hopefully I never need representation in the future, but if I do, I know where to find the best!

    LeRon Mc Avatar LeRon Mc
  • I just loved Lynn, very friendly and funny and made the whole process very laid back and also made me more comfortable. Thank you so much for helping me. And taking care of the hard part.

    Aigniernicolee Avatar Aigniernicolee

    I am very grateful to have had the law ofirm represent me. My case was settled quickly and for a reasonable amount. I contacted a well known firm a month prior to contacting Fischer Law Firm and was still waiting for an answer from them when I spoke with Chelsea. She said that she would contact me within a week to let me know whether they would represent me. She called within 3 days and settled my case within 6 months. Lynn assisted me at the end. The entire staff treats you very professionally and is always personable. Great job, ladies! You are awesome!

    Janet Moser Avatar Janet Moser

    The Fischer Law Firm has been a part of my life for many years and I am so grateful for them. I met Lynn Fischer through a caring moment, a normal transaction between two people turned out to be life changing for me! These women offered me hope and guidance during an uncertain time in my life! Thank you Lynn and Chelsea for your commitment to compassion and truth, it changes lives in unimaginable ways. 🌟

    Jenna Goodwin Avatar Jenna Goodwin
  • The staff @ Fischer Law Firm are fantastic. They are very professional, knowledgeable, & courteous. After working with them toward a settlement I felt like they treated me like a friend or family. They worked hard to get me an amount that was more than I expected. A 5 star law firm.

    Dakota Hills2.0 Avatar Dakota Hills2.0

    Most receptive attorneys in town. I called all of the advertised attorneys but none of them HEARD what I was saying. Thank you!

    Mary Breckenridge Avatar Mary Breckenridge

    Lynn and Chelsea were clients at a local restaurant where I was employed for over eleven years. I chose them to represent me in a workers comp injury case because of their absolutely wonderful personal character and genuine care regarding the staff of that restaurant. Truly beautiful women from the inside to the outside. My case involved a new job at a hotel and not the restaurant at which we had become acquainted and where I had been previously employed. When considering my choice for representation, I had no trouble in placing my faith in their firm. The outcome was as expected and I was treated with the same genuine care as I had seen them give me and my coworkers for the eleven years of serving their family at the restaurant. I consider myself one of the little guys in the world but have never been treated that way or seen as such by either of them or anyone in their company both in business and socially. Should I need representation in the future they will be my first call. The absolute best to both Lynn and Chelsea. It was a pleasure to write this and remember you both. All the best, Andrew

    andrew nicholas Avatar andrew nicholas
  • So thankful that I found Lynn and her team. I had already spoke to a couple different law firms before I chose Lynn. Her team is there every step of the way, from making sure your treatment is going well, to making sure you’re doing well too! I wanted someone who would fight for me and my situation, and I’m so fortunate that I found just that! The ladies at Fischer Law made sure things where good every step of the way. Thanks again for all you do!

    Heather Roberts Avatar Heather Roberts

    Lynn is professional, kind and empathetic as you transition through this process. Reliable and efficient. Answers all questions and explains information clearly. Would highly recommend.

    Katie Kehoe Avatar Katie Kehoe

    They will handel your case with care and professionally.

    Judy Henderson Avatar Judy Henderson

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